25900 29900
Drop in hanger with filler for Raceworks Fuel Cells.
- Adjustable in height

- Can be configured with either a single or twin pumps
- Dual Stainless Electrical Terminals with PTFE Seals, allowing the pumps to be staged
- AN-8 O-Ring Ports
- Anodised in Black, providing corrosion resistance when used with E85
- Viton O-rings supplied with PTFE Intank Hose and stainless clamps

39-40MM Pumps compatibility List;
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GSS340
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GSS341
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GSS342
Ti Automotive (Walbro) F90000262
Ti Automotive (Walbro) F90000267
Ti Automotive (Walbro) F90000274
Ti Automotive (Walbro) F90000285
Raceworks fuel cell singe/twin pump hanger (39-40mm pump) kit
25900 29900

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