Atomic Oil pump upgrade kit to suit Barra Engines 

We are offering a few options on these pump gears,
Including the following ;

- Gearset only (Atomic billet pump gears only) 
- Oil pump rebuild kit (Atomic billet gears + backing plate & bolt fitting kit) 

High performance Ford 6 cylinder DOHC engines need a high performance oil pump, and Atomic has engineered the answer. Atomic produce billet steel oil pump gears to replace the powdered metal OE gears and also supply fully prepped pumps or can rebuild your own.

Ford DOHC, 2J Toyota and various Nissan oil pumps are Gerotor design pumps which are driven directly off the snout of the crankshaft and subsequently are subjected to twisting moments that increase substantially with RPM. These torsional forces cause the oil pump drive gear to be thrust clockwise and anti clockwise, which eventually leads to the failure of the gear. The torsional moments are of a higher frequency and greater amplitude in manual gearbox equipped cars due to them being “on and off” the throttle more often during gear changes, downshifting etc. Ford DOHC 6 cylinder oil pumps fail for 2 reasons: The original equipment (OE) gears are made from powdered metal and lack the structural integrity to withstand the stresses created in high revving engines. Secondly, Gerotor pumps produce pressure and volume almost proportional to engine speed, so high revs equals higher volumes of oil. These larger volumes cannot be adequately managed in a standard oil pump and hydraulic oil pressure can split the pump body open

Atomic Barra Billet Oil Pump Gears

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